Company Profile
TARGET SALES- a plant with latest Japnese technology and machinery with its manufacturing capacity of 600 drums per shift. We at TARGET SALES have developed  zinc coated and galvanized metal lid for increasing overall strength of FIBRE DRUMS. This composite product combine many advantage associated with raw materials used to built it.  Kraft paper board is always used in a convolutedly-wound configuration to from the sidewall of the drum. This cellulosic material gives the drum required strength  with low weight and moreover it is rust proof and Non-polluting.


FIBRE DRUMS are made of liner & berries determined by the product to be packaged into the inner side of the middle plies or outside the basic Fiber body by selecyiong proper liner of barrier the fiber drums can be used for more aggressive material. The bottom of the drum is made of berries line Kraft paper board or Plywood or Hardboard  and crimped on to the body with a galvanized, steel, chime band the cover and lid can be galvanized steel -plasticlined kraft-hardboard,nuwood or plywood according to customer's requirement. The lid is secured to the top crimped on chime band with a rust -proof, galvanized steel locking bank with a lever action handle.


FIBRE DRUMS are used for packing powder,lumpy and semisolid materials like bulk drug, dye intermediates, chemical pesticide,  food materials & many other usages. Fiber drums are available in varying size,from 10’’to 22’’ diameter to 5’’to 40’’ hight. We are capable of meeting all type of customer's requirement as per their specifications and cater to their demand which is carefully analyzed in terms of specification, performance and life of product.

Usages :
  Bulk Drugs / drug intermediates
  Dyes / dye intermediates
  Fine Chemicals
  Pesticides / insecticides
  Plasticizers / Resins
  Metal Powders
  Automotive gears
  Abrasive Wheels / discs
  Food products
  Cattle / Poultry feeds / drugs
  Soaps / detergents
  Master packaging for any product.
Features :
  Exterior Varnish / poly coating
  Interior wax / poly coating
  Interior Aluminum / poly lamination and polly – liner
  Top / bottom Iids – Hot pressed plywood, Special Board and paper board, Galvenised steel,plastic lined board.
  Plating on metallic rings – silver / golden
  Printing as per choice colour / design
  Four side strapping clips
Advantages :
  Custom designed.

Facilitate easy opening  and closing  and has a temper evident sealing feature.


Smooth interior with special linings or coating ensure barrier properties.

  Can be attractively decorated with paints as well as printed labels.
  Resistance of rust and corrosion.

Lightweight,yet tough and resilient.

  Low tare weight ,economical in transportation.
  Lifting handles can also be provided.
  Eco-friendly and bio-degradable.
Sizes and Capacities
Size in
  Capacity/100 mm
in Litres
254 mm (10")   5.1
305 mm (12")   7.4
356 mm (14")   10.0
381 mm (15")   11.3
406 mm (16")   13.0
432 mm (17")   14.6
458 mm (18")   16.5
508 mm (20")   20.2
559 mm (22")   24.5
Sizes :
  Diameter : 10”,to 22”,
  Height : 5 ” to 40’’ ht.
  Capacity : 5 Liters / Kgs to 300 Liters / Kgs.